Frequently Asked Questions

Do HOP'T Sauces contain alcohol?

No. All HOP'T Sauces are inspired by beer flavours, but contain no actual beer or other alcohol of any kind. Perfect for when you need to sauce and drive!

Are HOP'T Sauces Vegan Friendly?

Yes, but... All of our core flavours (and most of our collaborations/limited editions) are vegan friendly! We try to stick to that as a principle at HOP'T HQ, but sometimes, a recipe we come up with demands us add something like dairy in the form of milk sugar, for example. You can rest assured that if that does happen, we will mark that clearly on our label, and it will be made in a separate facility to remove any chance of cross-contamination! We also try to source any animal products as ethically as possible.

Are HOP'T Sauces Gluten Free?

Yes, but... Despite malt being a primary ingredient of beer, Coeliac customers can be safe in the knowledge that natural hops are our only addition that pays homage to the amber nectar in each of our core sauces. However, some of our collaborations/limited editions will contain gluten in the form of things like malt extracts (a natural sweetener derivative from Barley), or other crazy/wacky/wild things, so always read the label!

What’s the shelf life of HOP'T sauce?

All unopened sauces have a guaranteed 24 month ambient shelf life (lab tested and certified). Once opened, we recommend refrigerating and consuming within 3 months, especially since the hop flavours can fade after that point.

Does HOP'T sauce have to be refrigerated?

Once opened, we recommend storing your HOP'T Sauce in the fridge and consuming within 3 months. Hops fade fast you know!

How spicy is HOP'T sauce?

We offer a range of heat levels for different palates. One thing is for sure, unlike some other brands we will never compromise taste for heat. You won't find any silly dare sauces here, though some of our sauces are on the hotter side, so make sure you read the description carefully before buying!

How are HOP'T Sauces shipped/posted to me?

All UK shipments under £20 have a standard delivery charge of £3.49 with Royal Mail (excluding when we run promotions). Most of the shipments will reach domestic customers within 5-7 business days of dispatch, but if you got a confirmation of dispatch prior to that and have still not received your sauces, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

NOTE: Any orders over £20 are eligible for FREE DELIVERY (via the same Royal Mail method). This will be automatically applied at checkout - all the more reason to treat yourself and your friends/loved ones today!

In a hurry?

We also offer Royal Mail 48 Hour Delivery for £4.49, and Fedex Next Day for £5.99! Perfect for you HOP'T Heads that just can't wait a minute longer for your spicy, hoppy fix!

What about overseas shipping?

Due to current uncertainty surrounding the Brexit Negotiations (Boo!), unfortunately we are suspending international delivery options until further notice. We will continue shipping to the UK as normal. Our European and International friends, please check back soon when we can offer shipping to your countries again!

Does HOP'T Sauce offer wholesale orders/sales to trade?

Yes! If you check out our Where to Find Us? page, you will see some of the lovely partners/stockists we work with in order to get our sauces out to as many of you lovely people as possible! If you'd like to enquire about making an order, the best thing to do is email us at for our price list and MOQ.

Where is HOP'T Sauce made?

Each bottle of HOP'T Sauce is made in the UK by hand. We try to source as many local ingredients from the British Isles as possible, but as one could imagine the UK does not have the best weather for growing chillies. We also like to spice up our recipes sometimes with authentic ingredients overseas, especially when they enhance the flavour and authenticity of a sauce! Most of our hops are from the UK, Europe or the USA - but again - we have used African and New Zealand hops previously, and are always looking for new varieties to experiment with!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but only in the case of non-delivery. We're proud of our product, and we taste every batch before it goes out. We also perform food health and safety tests regularly in our premises to ensure our sauces are of the highest quality. So you can rest assured that if the sauce does reach you in tact, it tastes as it was intended to!

How can I get in touch with a question/feedback/suggestion?

We always love to hear from our Hop Headz! Drop us an email at or @hoptsauce on Instagram if you want to chat!